Teeth Cleaning

The best cure for dental problems? Stop them before they ever have a chance to start.

The most important way to prevent dental problems is good thorough brushing, flossing and home care by the individual. Here at Dr. Hartman & Associates we feel we can help the patients with check-ups and cleanings to help prevent problems or catch them before they become big, expensive pains. The average dental insurance pays 100% of exams, x-rays and cleanings with only a few plans asking for a nominal deductible fee.

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Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a very important part of your overall oral hygiene. Teeth cleaning is the process where dental plaque is removed from teeth with the goal of preventing cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. While you can routinely clean your own teeth by brushing and interdental cleaning, the removal of hardened deposits, known as tartar, cannot be removed by simple routine cleaning and requires professional teeth cleaning.

Affordable Teeth Cleaning

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